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I am so excited to announce that I have moved to a new site and will no longer be posting through blogspot.

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It has been a pleasure.. but for what I want to do blogspot was a little limiting.

I hope you will continue you follow my foodie adventures.. and addition to all that I will be doing more Travel postings and Styling.

Watch out world..

Sprinkling of Spice has got a new home and can't wait to explore this little blue world of ours (and of course Perth!)


Official Launch of Public House Kitchen and Bar

Monday, November 25, 2013

Opening Night and Media Launch of Public House Kitchen and Bar
I had the privilege of being invited by Telina Menzie (executive chef of The George, Wolf Lane, Byrneleigh, and the Avairy) for the opening of the very cool, sleek, Latin American/South American tapas-like bar in the city's heart and soul, Adelaide Terrace (corner of Victoria Street) -  Public House Kitchen and Bar.

Dress: Cue
Shoes: Vangoh Shoes
Bag: Country Road
Ring: YSL Arty Ring

The Public House Kitchen and Bar is so sleek, and sexy with hints of fun through murals and graffiti, the moose head, the wine bottle feature wall, the wooden wheel thing on the ceiling. The staff there are also friendly and rich in accents, you feel like you've escaped from the city for a little while.

The menu is oriented towards South American cuisine, with tangy, spicy, smokey and yet refreshing flavours. Personally, I think the best items on the menu is the oysters with homemade flavoured pearls and the fish and salmon ceviche. Fresh produce, with secret ingredients and sauces, it's the perfect summer dish to share with friends.

Then there is the smoked ribs marinated with this sticky coffee sauce (and the sauce is given to you to brush onto your ribs so that the flavours are even more prominent). Ah, the tasters weren't enough to satisfy me on the night, I must go back once I get back from my holidays and once the silly season is over.

If you get a chance, definitely check it out. It's a great place to eat, drink and be merry with friends and hey summer is here, the perfect time do be doing all that. I'll be taking my mates once I get back from my holidays!

I also ended up getting a lovely gift bag to take hope consisting of the Public House's hot sauce, recipe to make their lovely fried chicken wings, a traditional Latin American cocktail along with some choccies. It was a blast and can't wait to go back to have more of the oysters, the chicken wings and the ceviche!

Public House Kitchen & Bar on Urbanspoon

It's a Beautiful Day...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I've been working so hard to fund my holidays and to ensure I have some sort of income while I whizz around USA/Canada in a few weeks time that I have hardly had any weekends. It's a sad affair really, because I feel as though I never leave work. It's almost like I'm camping there.

 I was lucky enough to have been surprised by my boy on a Sunday a few weeks back (the one day where both of us weren't working!) and it was such a lovely sunny Sunday too (it rained and poured the day before!). We drove down and out east to Jarrahdale where we had lovely lunch at Millbrook Winery. 

It took us about 45 minutes to one hour to get there, but it was worth the drive. The roads and the scenery changed so quickly, it's like we've further than we have, after all we are still in the metropolitan area (this is all the result of urban sprawl - the line between country and city blurs). I also love that about Perth, you don't have to travel hours and hours to get to a winery and relax it can be done in a day. 

Obligatory car photo, whilst I get chauffeured by my boy

The grounds of Millbrook Winery was so beautiful, the boy couldn't help but practice his photography skills. I must say he has improved and we actually did get a few decent photos.

Dress: Guess
Shoes: Vangoh Shoes
Bag: Present from years and years ago
Hat: Vintage
Jewellery: From Aunties ex. Burma

What do you think? How did he go? Don't worry we didn't just hang out in the green lawns of Millbrook Winery (although we probably should have lingered longer). We also did some wine tasting and then climbed some stairs to go and have beautiful lunch. The food will have to be on another write-up.

Bonsai Japanese Restaurant

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bonsai Japanese Restaurant would have to be one of the earlier modern Japanese restaurants to have opened in Perth. Since its opening back in 2010/2011 it has only gone strength to strength and proves to always provide quality dishes at reasonable prices (see my previous post here).

However, since its opening the restaurant has refurbished and expanded the place, but it is still sleek with a cavernously airy affair.

The menu hasn't changed much, but I love that sometimes, because its comforting and allows you to have your favourites.

We ordered a few different dishes to share. We started off with creamy prawn spring rolls (per request of M). It really wasn't too bad, the spring rolls were lightly fried and weren't drenched in oil (BONUS!) an the pastry wasn't too thick.

Creamy Prawn Springrolls

This was followed by prawn kushi-yaki - grilled prawn skewers with caramel soy dipping sauce. The prawns were plump and juicy it lacked a bit of flavour, which I guess was made up by the accompanying sauce. 

Prawn Kushi-yaki

To cut through some of the fried and creamy tastes of the other dishes, we ordered something light and refreshing - salmon sashimi ceviche. The salmon was nice and fresh and was marinated in light lemon and olive oil dressing and tossed through salmon roe and witlof julienne. It was exactly to my liking, tangy, fresh and light. Delicious.

Salmon Sashimi Ceviche

The teriyaki patagonian toothfish was just heavenly and just melted in the mouth. It was dressed in this lovely miso-teriyaki sauce, which added that sweet and salty flavour to the dish. This is as good or if not better than that of Nobu's Black Miso Cod and its the fraction of the price!

Teriyaki Patagonian Toothfish

To break the seafood trend, we ordered the crispy skin duck.The duck breast was pan fried until the skin was crispy and was dressed with this lovely vinaigrette and caramelised soy. The pumpkin puree wasn't really needed, nonetheless it was delicious to eat!

Crispy Skin Duck

Bonsai is definitely one of my go to places for nice Japanese dishes that doesn't break the bank. The staff are friendly and are always rushed around. The ambiance is relaxed, a little loud, but cosy. The dishes are packed full of flavours and they use quality produce. It's a bonus that it's also on the entertainment card! What more do you want?

The Bonsai Restaurant & Cafe Lounge on Urbanspoon

Harvest Espresso

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nothing beats waking up early on a Saturday and being uber productive. It's particularly productive when you get sort out some "business" related things while enjoying good company, along with good food at a rather quaint cafe.

Nothing beats Harvest Espresso in East Victoria Park than being seated by the window overlooking the busy Albany Hwy, while sipping superb coffee or a green juice and digging into their spring/summer menu.

I had the crab meat, avocado, asparagus and perfectly poached eggs. All I can say is, it's a great start to the day. 

My counterpart, friend, and talented designer started her day roughly by attempting Jacob's ladder (good to know one of us is keeping fit!) so she dug into some fluffy egg omelette, grilled half tomato and toast. 

I love this place, because they provide an interesting breakfast/brunch menu and has an array of teas/coffees/shakes/juices etc. They also do some pretty delicious cakes and patisseries. It's tiny and can get really busy so opt in for an early breakfast or just for something quick. Either way, it's cosy, warm, friendly and just great for watching the world whizz by, while enjoying some cake and coffee (or brunch!).

Harvest Espresso on Urbanspoon
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