Little Caesar's Pizzeria - Mundaring

Friday, January 15, 2010

I've been slack, I admit, there are still so many restaurants, cafes, etc. that I haven't talked about. I've just been a lazy sod. So this little place up in the hills - Mundaring to be exact - way too far for my liking. I've been dying to go there for ages to try their dessert pizza but alas it took me almost 4 years to be bothered enough to drive 40minutes up a hill where it becomes pitch black and hey thank GOD it'd be the last time I be doing that, because *drum roll* Little Caesar's is now in LEEDERVILLE! YES YES YES!!

It was one of those really really really HOT days - perfect beach weather (in fact I came up from Scarborough - to make this trip - thus was about 1 hour to get there.. *grumbles*) and my first thought was ... "OMG it's sooooooooooo FAR this has better be worth it!!" OK so I get there and it's somewhat hard to find in the dark, but at least we have some friendly people in Perth so they pointed us to the right direction (we just happened to be right behind the shop! - there is massive parking behind civic video store!).

The shop is tiny, open pizza kitchen so you can observe their pizza making skills, a huge billboard with all the pizzas (which is the same in Leederville - except for the fact that there are so many billboards, compared to just the one Mundaring - I'm actually yet to eat at the leedy one, but I've walked past it). The restaurant only sits very few people so either get take-away or prepare to fight out for seats. Mundaring shop also doesn't open until 4pm. It also does NOT have ventilation so I strongly recommend sitting outside on a hot summer's day/night because it's literally like an oven inside the restaurant - I even had a thought about how the girls there can work in such heat!

cam-whoring while waiting for our pizzas

J getting re-fills of our drinks. EVERYTHING comes in glass bottles - i likey. It just makes the soft-drinks so retro.

The Smashing Pumpkin - from the vegetarin range

Mediterranean Squid - from their seafood collection

The Siesta Pizza - for the carnivours who likes a little spice in their life

The Max (The LOT) - for the Carnivours with a health conscious!

All arriving at our table in different sized tiers.

The Apple Strudle - Dessert Collection

As for their world best pizza? it's good, especially the pumpkin pizza, and possibly their dessert pizzas, which unfortunately I only had the chance to try one. I really didn't see the difference between their savoury pizzas and any other's wood-fired pizzas (like woodpecker's wood-fired pizzas in subiaco is pretty good!) - except for the pumpkin pizza that was just smashing! The Apple Strudle Dessert Pizza wasn't the best, in fact I really didn't like it. I should have tried the upside down cheesecake dessert pizza or the mudhoney dessert pizza or the eskimo joe dessert pizza, oh wells,  but that just means that I have to go back and this time I will NOT be going up the hill but heading to leederville. YAY!

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